You are my Everything

Karlos Marquez

You are my Everything

Framed Paper Print Only 20x24

 “Love Conquers All”. I used fun and beautiful colors as I did in my youth as a graffiti artist I want to capture people’s imagination and hearts. People are seeking love more than ever and trying to figure love out. My aim is to inspire love in others, especially in these dark times. As artists, we inevitably address the climate in which we live. My message is that love is all. That’s what unites us as human beings. It is a universal feeling that we have all experienced in one way or another. When in love, we are vulnerable, which means we are also open, innocent, creative, and generous. I like to write words of inspiration in my artwork so that when someone looks at my art they see words of encouragement, perseverance, and love for those all around them.but most of all to follow their passion whatever that may be.

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